E-Doc Basics

What is an E-Doc?

An e-doc is an electronic document that represents a business transaction or maintenance action in KFS. In other words, we use e-docs to do our jobs in KFS. An e-doc may be transactional, such as a Budget Adjustment, a Cash Receipt, or a Disbursement Voucher. It may also be related to maintenance, such as an Account e-doc to open a new account, or a Vendor e-doc to add a new vendor to the system.

E-Doc Layout

All e-docs have a similar layout that contains a document header and a document body. The Document Header contains system information about the document – the document number, who initiated it and when, and a document status. The Document Type Name is also at the top of the document. The Document Body contains several tabs which look like file folders. The tabs can be all opened or closed using the “Expand All / Collapse All” buttons. Individual tabs can be opened using the “Show/Hide” buttons on each tab. At the bottom of the e-doc, the Workflow Action Buttons are displayed.


Upon initiating an e-doc, only the tabs requiring information are opened, and the optional tabs are collapsed.

All e-docs contain the following tabs: Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, Ad Hoc Recipients, and Route Log. In addition to these universal tabs, each e-doc contains at least one tab that is particular to the e-doc type; some e-docs contain several tabs.

How do I know which fields are required on an E-Doc?

Required fields on an e-doc are marked by an * asterisk. An e-doc cannot be submitted unless all required fields contain data.


How do I know what a particular KFS E-Doc is used for?

When you click on the link for any transactional e-doc, a new e-doc will be initiated. At the top left of the screen, you’ll see a Question Mark “?” next to the name of the e-doc. Click on the question mark, and it will bring you to the HELP menu. The help menu provides excellent explanations as to the purpose, document layout, and process overview of each transactional e-doc.

If you would like to compare your current UConn transactions to an e-doc in KFS, refer to the document FRS Forms to Kuali E-Docs.