Navigating the Main Menu

The Main Menu is what you will see when you first go to the UConn KFS link. The Main Menu is the first of 3 tabs in Kuali, and where you will do most of your work. The other two tabs, Maintenance and Administration, are primarily for central staff who need to maintain KFS tables and perform administrative tasks.

At a first glance, the Main Menu may seem busy and intimidating; however, it is divided up into several submenus for easy navigation.

At the top left of the Main Menu are two very important buttons – “action list” and “doc search.” The action list is your Kuali to-do list. You will click here to retrieve e-docs that need your approval, acknowledgment, or completion. As you complete each requested action, the item disappears from your list.

The “doc search” button is a quick way to find documents based on a limited number of attributes. For example, if you want to find all e-docs that you initiated in the past 3 days, you can use this doc search function. Later, you’ll learn where to search for very specific e-docs.


The first submenu is “Transactions.” This is where most of your day-to-day transactional work will be initiated. This submenu is broken down further into modules – Accounts Receivable, Budget Construction, Financial Processing, Labor Distribution and Purchasing/Accounts Payable. The Financial Processing list is where you would initiate e-docs such as the Cash Receipt, Budget Adjustment, Transfer of Funds, Disbursement Voucher, Internal Billing, and Distribution of Income and Expense. The Purchasing/Accounts Payable list is where you would initiate the Requisition and Receiving e-docs. The Accounts Receivable list is where you will initiate a Customer Invoice or a Payment Application.


In the center of the Main Page is the “Custom Document Searches” submenu. From this menu, you can perform very specific searches of many transactional e-docs. Each of these links initiates a lookup screen with many searchable fields, depending on the e-doc. (See topic “Using the Search Function” for more details on searching within KFS.)


In the center of the Main Menu, you will see the Lookup and Maintenance submenu. Here you can look up assets, account numbers, object codes, and vendors, and more. From this submenu, you can also delegate account responsibility to another individual using the Account Delegate e-doc. Need to delegate a group of accounts to someone? Then use the Account Delegate Global e-doc!


At the top right of the Main Menu is the Balance Inquiries submenu. From here you can look up an account’s Available Balance, Cash Balance, General Ledger Balance, General Ledger Entry, Open Encumbrances and more. By including “pending” entries in these searches, you can see the effect of transactions that may have been just initiated moments before!


The Reports submenu provides access to certain system-generated reports.


The three submenus at the bottom of the screen will be used primarily by central administrative staff. These include “Administrative Transactions,” “1099 Process,” and “Year End Transactions.”