Past KFS Tips

10/22/13 – Easily find documents that you initiated that haven’t been finalized yet. From the doc search screen click detailed search. Enter your NetID in the “initiator” field and select “Enroute” in the Route Status Box then click Search.

9/13/13 – Want to open documents in your action list or from a doc search quickly? Master the middle-mouse button click. On a standard mouse there is a scroll wheel that when depressed acts as another button. In most browsers this will open what you clicked in a new tab. From your action list middle mouse click one document after another. Once you have the documents you want opened in new tabs you can simply click across on each one, review, approve and move on. To close all those tabs simply right click on your original tab and choose the option for “close all other tabs”. It takes some practice, but is very helpful in opening many documents at the same time.

8/26/13 – Want to know who is set up as an account delegate on an account? Use the account delegate lookup located on the Main Menu in the center column under “Chart of Accounts”. Enter the account number or delegate NetID to perform the search.

1/23/13 – Do you initiate Internal Billings or Service Billings? Be sure that you use Income Object Codes on the “Income” line (4XXX) and Expense Object Codes on the “Expense” line (6xxx – 8xxx). Also, these e-docs should only be used when your department is providing goods and/or services to another department. For a reimbursement of expenses, please use a Distribution of Income and Expense e-doc. For assistance, please contact the Accounting Office. Past messages can be found at

11/8/2012 – Do you have any Payment Requests awaiting a Receiving e-doc? To learn how to find out, and for directions on how to do a Receiving e-doc, go to:

9/17/2012 – Payroll encumbrances have been loaded and are reflected in your KFS accounts. This will make it easier to determine the amount you have available to spend in your accounts. For instructions on viewing available balances visit

9/3/2012 – KFS users should refer to the ‘Total Expense’ variance column to assess the current budget you have available to spend in that account. To determine how much you have left to spend you should look at the bottom of the ‘Balances by Consolidation’ screen; specifically the line ‘Total Expense.’ The last column to the right of the screen is the variance column. If the amount in the variance column of the ‘Total Expense’ line is positive then you have this amount available to spend. If it is -0- or negative you have no available funds to spend. This variance column includes encumbrances for future purchases too. For Grant Accounts, ledgers 5 and 6, an additional step is needed to determine your available balance. You need to deduct the variance total for indirect cost, which is included in the line in the middle of the screen labeled NOPX, from the total expense variance. This calculation will provide you with your available balance to spend.

8/20/2012 – When using Internet Explorer to shop Staples in HuskyBuy you may receive the message “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” In order to view the Staples website properly you must click “No”.

8/13/2012 – Most transactional e-docs can be copied by opening up the document, and clicking the “copy” button at the bottom of the screen. This is helpful when you do a similar transaction repeatedly, or when your e-doc has been disapproved. Note that maintenance-type e-docs (Vendor, Account) cannot be copied, and Notes and Attachments and Ad Hoc Routing will not copy into the new e-doc.