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-Do you have staff changes that require an edit to Fiscal Officer, Account Supervisor, or Account Manager on several accounts? Instead of submitting an Account edit for each account, contact the Accounting Office. Central Accounting staff can initiate an Account Global eDoc to make the changes all at once.

-The “detailed search” button on any document lookup screen provides additional opportunities to search for documents based on workflow status and actions? For example, you can search for documents based on their current workflow status (enroute, final, saved, disapproved, etc.); you can also search based on date ranges other than Date Created such as Date Finalized, Date Approved, and Date Modified.

-Did you know you can adjust the number of items you can see on one page of your Action List? From your Action List click “Preferences”. Then update your “Action List Page Size” to the desired value and click “Save”.

7/10/2017 – KFS Update – Payroll Encumbrances

7/3/2017 – Kuali Financial System is open for Fiscal Year 2018

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Happy New Fiscal Year!

7/1/2015 – Changes to Equipment Purchases under $5,000

6/24/2015 – Closing of FY15 / Opening of FY16

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