10/13/2017 – Furlough Payroll Reductions

Sent on behalf of the Office of Budget and Planning 

To all KFS Users:

Some of the furlough payroll reductions have doubled or tripled in KFS. This impacts accounts for about 400 employees who had multiple types of pay (regular, overtime, shift differential, moving expenses, etc).  The KFS furlough reduction was taken from each object code, instead of just once out of the regular salary object code.

This is only a KFS issue – there is no impact on the employee paycheck.

The fix should be in for the next cycle and the corrections for the previous cycles are currently being processed. 

Please contact Kelly Wihbey at 486-0532 if you have any questions or concerns.


Annette Pavone, CPA
KFS Functional Coordinator & Accounting Manager
Accounting Office
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Phone: (860) 486-2934
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