Author: Lan Guglietta

4/7/2022 New Enterprise Financials Access Form

Colleagues,   We are writing to announce a new electronic access request form for the systems supported by the Enterprise Financials Team.  Links to the form have been updated on both the Employee Self Service website ( and on our team page (  The new form, developed using the “Kuali Build” workflow application, replaces the […]

6/8/2022 – Fiscal Officer Delegations

Are you a Fiscal Officer who is planning a summer vacation? Please be sure that your accounts have a delegate who can approve eDocs on your behalf so that eDocs do not get stuck in Workflow. The Accounting Office recommends having a permanent secondary delegation on your accounts, and also recommends delegating “UP” to a […]

6/3/2022 – Steps to close a KFS account

If you are looking to close an account effective for FY23, the following steps 1 – 3 need to be completed before June 30, 2022. To close a grant account (sub-fund = RSTSP, UNRSF, UNRSP), please contact SPS. For all other accounts, please follow the directions below: 1. The Account must have no balance sheet […]